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Nursing Care Plan For Discharge Patient

When the doctor decided that the patient already in the good condition, The nurses have to prepare what they must do or see what is the patient needs after discharge from hospital.

Nursing care pan for the discharge patient do not important for the patient only, but to the family also the nurses should explain what they can do related to patient's needs.

Plan and Outcome data :
  • The patient or family's discharge planning will begin on day of admission including preparation for the education and or equipment.
  • On the day of discharge, patient / family will receive verbal and written instructions concerning: Medications, Diet, Activity, Treatments, Follow up appointments, Signs and symptoms to observe for (when to contact the doctor), Care of incisions, wounds, etc.
  • Other data may can help.

Nursing Care Plan For Discharge Patient

Nursing Interventions :
  1. Assess needs of patient/family beginning on the day of admission and continue assessment during hospitalization.
  2. Anticipated needs/services:
    • Respiratory equipment,
    • Hospital bed,
    • Wheel chair, Walker,
    • Home health nurse,
    • Home PT/OT/ST
  3. Involve the patient/family in the discharge process.
  4. Discuss with physician the discharge plan and obtain orders if needed.
  5. Contact appropraite personnel with orders.
  6. Provide written and verbal instructions at the patient/family's level of understanding.
  7. Verbally explain instructions to patient/family prior to discharge and provide patient/family with a written copy.
  8. Ascertain that patient has follow-up care arranged at discharge.
  9. Provide verbal and written information on what signs and symptoms to observe and when to contact the physician.
  10. Assess if any community resources should be utilized (i.e.: Home Health Nurse), and contact appropriate personnel.
  11. Document all discharge teaching on Discharge Instruction Sheet and Nursing notes.
  12. Other: ...


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